twenty five forever

15 year old me couldn't wait for these years, big dreams, little clue. Now I'm here and living my 25th year and for the first time in my life, I feel that notion of life moving faster than I can keep up. Growing up has never been a fear of mine, mostly because I matured earlier on in life and couldn't wait to tackle the world as an "adult". Yep, growing up I'm a-okay with - but getting old, that's another story. 

Looking around, more and more of my peers are doing the things they say you're suppose to do or have done by 25 - engaged, married, baby #1, baby #2, buying houses, progressing within their chosen careers, completing multiple year degrees, etc. And all the while, I sit here reflecting on what I've achieved, what I want to achieve and how my life looks right now and I can't help but question is this normal? Am I doing life right? Or am I missing my time slot? 

Now, I'm not naive, I'm more than aware that you can achieve your goals at any age. My own mother has ticked a huge career bucket list item off at the age of 60 and there's no slowing down for her right now! But in this very moment, all I can think is "when will I feel like I'm on the right track and stay there?".

For the past 6 months I've been working on something that I thought, this is it! This is what I'm meant to be doing and love it. After awhile, I just lost that passion and for the life of me, can't find that fire to fuel it again. Is this a "everything happens for a reason moment?" or is it just me being lazy and not putting in the work to get where I want? Truthfully though, if you were to ask me right now what I want to do with myself, career wise, I couldn't give you a straight answer. STILL. At 25, I can't tell you what I want to be when I grow up. 

15 year old me still exists, except now I'm 25 with big dreams, little clue. Watch this space, I guess!

..but what do I know?


+ Have a make up free day +

Give your skin a wellll deserved break boo, she's workin' hard to keep up with your daily routine. Let me list some major benefits to make up free days:

  • Great moment for your skin to just B R E A T H E
  • A few days off = less usage. AKA your bank account won't get hit so often
  • Bare face can be so liberating - NO you're not tired, NO you're not sick, you're just loving your own god damn skin
  • Wearing less make up can also make those times you put a lot of effort into your lewk feel extra special, you're confidence is at a high and confidence is sexy af

Need I say more?

..but what do I know? (particularly because I've taken my "make up free days" for granted and have "make up free months")

pu$$y power, pay me by the hour

Polaroids from a side project, but I can't help but love and feel a certain way about these particular ones. I feel like body image and lingerie have a constant moral battle. If these polaroids were taken with a girl who's a size 6 and A cup boobs, would they be considered more artsy? But because J has a womanly figure and larger breasts, she almost gives a more adult vibe?

I'd like to see more delicate lingerie campaigns showcasing women with fuller breasts, broader builds etc. I myself don't usually go out and purchase underwear like the below, purely because I see girls with small boobs and no butts modelling them and as much as I wish, I will never have that!

The industry is definitely progressing in the right direction when it comes to clothing, but I'd certainly like to see more progression in the most department of our wardrobes!

..but what do I know?

why pay 15c when you can pay $750?

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Okay, look - I'm no environmentalist by any stretch of the imagination, so I'm probably under qualified to be writing about this, but the heavily featured craze of the designer "plastic bag" absolutely baffles me. 

Recently when I was in Tasmania, I was shook that they no longer had convenient plastic bags at check outs ANYWHERE. A quick trip to Woolies was now costing an extra 15c per plastic bag (purely because I'm the most forgetful person and didn't bring the bag with me). Don't get me wrong, I am all for the ban on plastic bags, well I will be 100% on board once I get my head around BYOB, but what I can't be all for is paying $750 for a plastic bag with a designer name on it. The $750 Celine plastic bag pictured to be exact (FYI the Balenciaga version retails for upwards of $1,000).

The fashion industry seems to have its head all over the place with some designers making a point of turning toward a more environmentally friendly and sustainable practise and others LITERALLY producing a plastic bag, slapping their logo on it and calling it "fashun".

Am I crazy for being baffled by this? Or am I just uncool and missing the point of this current trend? 


...but what do I know?


- Expect other people to have the same conscious or intentions as you -

I'll admit it, too many times I've gotten completely butt hurt over giving someone my 100% full attention or bending over backwards for them and getting absolutely fuck all in return. More than I'd like to admit, I sit and wonder how people go about their day just being so self involved or have no remorse. But slowly, I'm learning that it's okay. That's their prerogative, not mine. 

It might make me a push over in some respects, but I believe the way I treat people is what makes me a better person then the next. SO, with that, DO NOT let some bratty little shit make you feel less then anyone. Learn from the situation and give as much as you feel you'll get back. Focus the rest of your energy toward yourself!

..but what do I know?


- Rip off that little skin thing in your nail -

Soz, but we all do it. And how many times has it ended well? Probably never. Too many times I've thought "I'll just rip it, just like a band aid", then for days my finger has its own pulse.

Go to your bathroom, get your nail clippers/nail scissors and just snip that little bad boy out. Your finger and future self will be thankful.

..but what do I know?


+ Download a dating app when you find yourself fresh out of a relationship +

It doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it make you desperate, so stop being a bitch about it. What better way to feel at least 1% better about yourself by complete strangers matching with you and dropping lines like "Can my snake enter your chamber of secrets?".

If nothing more than a smile or a laugh comes from it, then I can say its A LOT better then what would come from re-reading old texts from your ex.

..but what do I know?